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Summer – how are you over already? Rosé filled days are coming to an end and thoughts of fall creep in – and with them comes the thought of detox.  I’m no newbie to detoxing, I like the challenge, the re-setting of the body and mind, a healthy kick start to a new season.  Fall is by far one of the busiest times for me, work is crazy with fashion week, rather month. Everyone returning to the city makes for a jam packed social schedule and to balance it all I know I need my house in order. I clean out my apartment, and my body.  Yes my body.  Detox is a way to find your balance, to hear and listen to what it really needs.  We live in an increasingly toxic world, especially those of us crazies that decide to live in big cities like NYC and LA – we are constantly exposed to chemicals, carcinogens, and contaminants. WE MUST TAKE CARE OF OUR BODIES, to not is just lazy, and until I find a sexy Edward Cullen Vampire to make me immortal I’m going to do my very best to live a long and active life.

Wellness-conscious cafés seem to be rapidly popping up everywhere making it super easy to find healthy grab and go options. I am one of those annoying people who have a plethora of tummy issues. I’m supposed to be dairy free, gluten free and stick to an anti inflammatory diet but let’s be real I also like to eat out and have a social life so sometimes I’m not the best at adhering to what my body needs – especially on a busy schedule.  My self control is minimal when it comes to food.  This is also why I am a huge fan of detoxing – sometimes I just need to hit the re-set button.  Call me an extremist but I also do better when I go full in to a rigorous detox then just wake up one day and say okay – I’m actually going to go grocery shopping, only buy ‘clean’ foods, and take the time to meal prep everything – HA. That will be the day I have an assistant.

I wandered into Dr. Smood somewhat by accident and was immediately blown away by all the healthy grab and go options. As I waited in line for my cashew iced matcha I leafed through one of their pamphlets and discovered they also had detox programs. The concept is simple, everything is anti-inflammatory – 80% of your diet should come from plants which is exactly why their products are 80% plant based and as nutrient dense as possible.  No dairy, no caffeine no booze -just super clean eating. They believe in the science behind food, whats going on withe the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, enzymes, and fats. Guys it’s science! EVERYTHING is USDA certified organic, Non-GMO, Wild Crafted, Wild Caught, Hydraulic Cold Pressed Juices, without pesticides or preservatives, Non diary, no artificial sweeteners and No HPP – I mean that’s like porn to me.

 The next thing I know I’m walking out the door with a week long detox program, 2 days of pre-detox, 3 days of true detox and two days of “re-entering”. Now, like I’ve said I’m no newbie to cleansing, this was hands down the best tasting detox program I’ve ever tried.  There was actually too much food during the program that I couldn’t even get through my daily menu of items.  Crazy right? Too much food on a detox?  I kid you not, I was satisfied and happily full each and every day during the program. I had more energy, less cravings and a motivation to keep eating clean – an no this is not sponsored just 100% truth.  I just hope the Dr. Smood fairy magically restocks my fridge in the middle of the night with all the goodness.

What the program looks like:

The Beginner Program – 4 juices / 1 booster / 1 smoody / 1 salad
Breakfast – 8 am: Booster No. 4 (Ginger-Lime) & Detox No. 4
Snack – 11 am: Detox No. 2
Lunch – 2 pm: Smoody No. 1
Snack – 5 pm: Detox No. 8
Dinner – 8 pm: Salad (choose a salad option)
Detox No. 9   (drink throughout the day)

“Our air, water, food and cosmetics can contain substances that are harmful. Replacing regular meals with cold-pressed juices and whole foods floods your body with healthful vitamins and nutrients, allowing it to release toxins. Our expert Dr. Etti (Ph.D) explains – “By giving our bodies and organs a welcome rest and time to replenish themselves our skin, the largest organ in the body, becomes radiant, our complexion smoother. We regain that glow we had as children. We begin the Youthing Process” – Your body will actually digest toxins and shed them through your waste. Its a physiological process called autolysis; you lose the weight of waste. It is a purging process of junk and gunk accumulated over many years of eating unhealthy foods”. – Dr. Smood

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It’s the first of October and as I sit here drinking my tea, feeling the crisp fall air and surrounding myself with pumpkins (IDGAF if that’s basic) I embark on writing this taboo post about my newest beauty adventure.  As many of you know I am a skin care, beauty junkie. I love trying new products and new procedures from micro needling to lasers.  Reading the menu of services at medical spas actually gets me excited.  Preventive care is the name of the game. Especially in an industry where I am constantly in front of the camera.
Over the last few years I’ve noticed my girlfriends being a lot more open about what they were having done and was surprised to find out how many had already had injections, botox, plastic surgery and what was even more surprising was that they all looked radiant, youthful, and NATURAL. My interests in this new world of socially acceptable non invasive procedures was piqued and I immediately started researching.  SO many options.  Did I need my under chin fat liquidated? My cheeks plumped with injections? My nose fixed with a non surgical nose job? Who knew those were even options!  How much were people even spending on their faces these days?! My head started to spin with options and questions.
All along I knew what I would start with, call me basic but I was going to go very minimal for my first step into the world of face altering injections and procedures.  Now for something a little personal.  I haven’t shared this very frequently, not entirely sure why it’s not exactly embarrassing (well it was at the time of occurrence) but it is personal.  Freshmen year of college I had what the doctors think was a mini seizure – in class. Yes full on fell out of my desk, eyes rolled back, jerking movements, I even peed my pants all in the middle of what was otherwise a rather boring Italian class.  Thank god I don’t remember any of it.
I’ve had fainting spells my entire life, as I’ve gotten older they have become less frequent and much more manageable but this one was different. Ever since that day and progressively worse as the years went on, my right eyebrow has been lower than my left. My whole right side especially around my eye area just seemed a little off.  A little less active and little lower.  I used to joke my nerve endings must of went out on that side. I also happen to have all my migraines on my right side, specifically behind my right eye.  Now this is something most people never notice, I wear my hair on that side and do my makeup to correct it, but on camera, film specifically, it is super noticeable.
BOTOX. Yes, there is is, I said it and yes I am admitting that I had it done for the first time. Shoot me.  Botox had been suggested to me by several doctors, at first for non cosmetic reasons.  I was told it would help my migraines and then later on was also suggested it would help my lazy right eyebrow situation.  For years I was scared of having anything foreign injected into my face and never considered it an option.  Botox and fillers are the most commonly performed non-surgical cosmetic procedure in America.  It was also super appealing to start preventive measures to avoid common wrinkles like crows feet, brow furrow lines and expression lines.
After searching long and hard for a doctor I could trust with my face I found Dr. Devgan of @nyplasticsurgeon a board-certified plastic surgeon based in NYC with a beautiful office on the Upper East Side. Walking into her office I immediately felt comfortable, you can tell she has worked hard to curate an amazing team of super friendly staff, not to mention a stunning practice. She took a long time answering all my questions and concerns (I had a lot) – my main one being I am an actor and still need to move my face. I was NOT going for the Stepford housewife look. She did an in-depth facial analysis in which we decided to go with 23 units of Botox using a micro droplet technique which would smooth out any wrinkle lines, raise my eyebrow to achieve my once symmetrical look, and help my migraines all while maintaining my ability to make expressions.
Did it hurt? Not at all. She numbed the injection site first, the actual injections take less than a few minutes.  It takes a few days for the Botox to start working, it’s been 3 days since I was injected and I’m already starting to see results – I’m OBSESSED.  The only thing I’m upset about?  These fantastic results only last 3-4 months – which is when I will be sitting back in Dr. Devgan’s chair.
I share this in hopes of removing some of the taboo around common beauty procedures, to share a personal story that I decided to no longer be the victim of but rather take charge and do something for my career and I.  Please no shaming, or negativity only love. Happy to answer any questions you might have and remember there is no shame in giving yourself a little confidence but do it with grace and never go overboard with all these crazy procedures!
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We’ve all been there, coming home from the party or the after party. It’s 3 am…your ears are still ringing, your body exhausted from dancing the night away and as you kick off your heels to some corner and fling yourself onto bed makeup still on and pass out with a fading thought of I should really wash my face.

In comes Frank. As in Frank Bod- the self-coined “dirtiest brand on the internet” sounds good to me. An all-in-one face set to wash away the party sins and revive your skin when you need it most, meet the Sweet Cheeks Kit ($49.95) – think of it as a ménage à trois for your face with three gentle, yet effective products – add on the five minute Glow Mask and your face will go from hangover to hot in no time.

Here’s how to recover from a night out:

STEP 1: Something Dirty (Creamy Face Cleanser)
According to Frank, you always have to get dirty to get clean. frank body’s Creamy Face Cleanser is made from charcoal to detoxify your skin. Wash away the night’s makeup, grease and grime, dirt and impurities, naturally.

STEP 2: Something Caffeinated (Creamy Face Scrub)
Like a double shot of coffee for your skin, look more awake with frank body’s Creamy Face Scrub. A fine grind trof coffee beans coupled with powerful coffee seed oil buffs away dead skin to give you fresh, rosy cheeks. Trust us, it’ll rub you the right way.

STEP 3: Something Hydrating (Glow Mask)
Nothing zaps a hangover faster than some H20. frank body’s hydrating, five-minute Glow Mask will drench your face in moisture and provided much-needed antioxidants like Vitamins A and E.

STEP 4: Something to Fake It (Everyday Face Moisturizer)
With even the best of men, sometimes you just gotta fake it. Apply some of frank body’s Everyday Face Moisturizer to seal the deal and fake that elusive glow. It slips on easily thanks to coconut, grapeseed and sweet almond oils, while Vitamins A, E, and D pack a one-two-punch of antioxidants.

So put down those harsh makeup wipes, babe and take it all off at 3am au naturel with Frank. It’s time for the frank body After Party and you’re invited.

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By now you guys know I love beauty products, yup I verified beauty junkie.  I like to start with skincare, preventive, corrective all around miracle workers…that’s what we are all on the hunt for right?  Let me introduce my latest obsession, Sand & Sky – a 4 in 1 treatment for your skin which ultimately leads to BRILLIANT SKIN.  Sounds pretty magical right?  It is. The mask is a purifying pink clay mask that detoxes and brightens. The mask only takes 10 mins, easily incorporated into morning or evening routine.  The minute I started to slather my face in the brilliant pink mask I could feel my pores start to tighten and shrink – ok maybe I couldn’t exactly feel each pore shrink but my skin did feel tightened and beyond radiant. I like masks that you can really feel working, the clay pulls out all the impurities, toxins and pollutants as it drys all while stimulating collagen, regenerating skin cells and creating a shield of resistance.  The perfect summer mask to combat all those hot, sweaty summer days and nights!


When I call myself a beauty junkie I’m not exaggerating.  I am always amassing product, I just spent two hours at the good ol Bed Bath and Beyond looking for additional storage methods.  I think I may have to come up with some custom shelf system to house all the glorious product.  Lotions and potions.  I’m addicted. I adore skincare, I always have – from drug store and high end.  I remember as a teenager, well ok maybe as an adult too, during shopping trips to Target I would try sneaking products into my moms cart.  Some people find one brand they love and stick with it – good for them.  I have my go to favorites that are always in my cabinet, but I cave for the newest miracle potions and services that promise glowier, youthful skin – I can’t resist.  Traveling all the time also takes a toll, Bouncing from climate to climate means my skin is constantly changing and thus I am always using an array of product. So here it is, my product haul update, with my current favorites!


Bareminerals correctives are mineral ignited formulas with botanical extracts full of high performance ingredients to target specific concerns

Blemish Remedy Acne Clearing Treatment Serum – I’ve been one of those lucky people who never had severe acne.  However I still get little breakouts, especially when I’m on the road all the time. I like this one because it reduces excess oil without over-drying the skin.  A lot of acne treatments get rid of my breakouts but leave my skin dry and flaking. This guy is unique, it calms redness, the skin and leaves a smooth texture while getting rid of those annoying pimples!

Brilliant Future Age Defense & Renew Serum – Basically everything you want in an anti aging product. Luminosity galore. Ingredients of vitamin C, chai hu Extract, and olive leaf extract combat environmental stress while improving skin tone, texture and combatting aging! I use this guy every night before bed.

Eternalixir Skin-Volumizing Oil Serum – powerful anti-aging serum with nourishing botanical oils -hydrating Baobab oils, Evening Primrose and Rose Hip Seed. This stuff is amazing, it’s super hydrating all day long without being too thick or oily as a lot of serums are.  I saw a noticeable difference in volume, I use at night before I go to bed and in the am. Oh and I slather it on during flights!

Brilliant Future Age Defense & Renew Eye Cream – de-puffs and reduces the look of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles all while combatting the early signs of aging! My eyes were more luminous and definitely more awake looking thanks to ingredients like vitamin C, chai hu extract, and alfalfa seed extract. I also like how absorbent it is, my concealer went on seamlessly – some under eye creams make my under eye concealer become a tacky substance or not as smooth but this one does neither. Match made in heaven.


Using probiotics as the foundation of their skincare, the good bacteria that calm your stomach can also soothe and protect your skin.  Hello!  If I take a probiotic every day to help my gut health and overall digestion, which is where skincare starts – why wouldn’t I also put it on my face?

Volume Defense Serum – super weightless milky serum that feels magnificent on your skin.  I went through this bottle so fast, I would apply him in the evening and morning and sometimes mid day.  Packed full of vitamin C, retinol and probiotics it brings that bounce back to your skin.

Hydrating Day & Night Cream – Basically a multi vitamin for your skin. I once was told by a disapproving facialist “your skin is dehydrated” I replied defensively “but I drink SO much water! Always!” She laughed and told me, yes thats good but it’s a combination of internal and external up keep. Well that just made too much sense.  Lesson learned, take your vitamins but also apply them to your skin.


Advanced Genifique – A youth activating concentrate that smells divine and just works wonders.  I’ve used this beautiful product for a long time and will continue to do so.  Super light, it absorbs really quickly and is great paired with a daily moisturizer before make-up.

Visionnaire Yeux – Well it won Oprah’s magazine 2017 Spring beauty award.  Enough said.


Margaret Bednarz has magic hands.  She is my go to facial expert in NYC. She is a licensed cosmetologist, aromatherapist and reiki practitioner.  The energy off of this woman is unreal and she does house calls. I’ve been seeing her for a while, recently we’ve been trying some deeper treatments. My go to treatments with Margaret are the Oxygen Treatment, Microdermabrasion, Deep Cleansing Facial, Enzyme Peels and DermaPen ( micro-needling) all of which can be combined one with another for the royal treatment.  She also has her own line of super amazing all organic skincare.

Oxygen Infusion Treatment – I would add to any type of facial as it  restores hydration, promotes cell rejuvenation by infusing oxygen with a blend of potent antioxidants and corrective botanical extracts.  It can treat aging, rosacea, pigmentation, and acne.  I love using in combination with facial treatments that tend to leave you a little red, such as a peel or micro needling as it helps immediately soothe.  It also just feels amazing.

Microdermabrasion treatment – It removes the superficial layer of dry and dead skin cells. This is very important especially for aging skin or problematic skin: because when the skin does not function properly it does not shed the dead skin cells, which slows down the process of skin cells restoration and that leads to fine lines, large pores and/or pimples. Dead skin cell accumulation leads to the skin not absorbing the nutrients from your serums, creams, moisturizers – well that just sounds horrible!

DermaPen (micro needling)  – it is advanced treatment that boosts collagen tn the skin. It helps to tighten, smooth out scars, fine lines & wrinkles, helps with pigmentation, large pores, minor breakouts, uneven skin tone and more.  I first heard about micro needling from a  girlfriend who was getting a series of needling done to help with acne scars and overall aging, after her third treatment she looked 12 and before she could finish telling me all about it I was on the phone frantically texting Margaret to set up an appointment.  Now, I know the word ‘needling’ is probably freaking some people out. The process takes less than 30 mins, and while it’s definitely not relaxing – it is a little painful but not unbearable.  I would describe it as feeling a little more annoying than painful.  DO NOT plan on putting make-up on for the next 24 hours.  More than likely you will be red, I myself looked as though I had gone on a date with Freddy Kruger.  5 of my girlfriends all came over to experience the micro-needling, three of us felt we had to hide indoors for the redness to calm down while the other two looked absolutely fine and went on with their day.  Plan accordingly.  It’s been just over a month since my first appointment and I’ve already booked another one.  My skin is looking fuller and more radiant in photos, in person and all around much MUCH better.

To book with Margaret click here:

Contact Margaret and let her know Kylee referred you:  347.554.3085