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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the environment, sustainability, and my contribution to this world in general.  More now than ever I feel a need to be more involved, aware, and in general more conscious.  It’s easy to get caught up with work, friends, daily life … we are all busy AF these days and sometimes it’s hard to be the 100% environmentally conscious, sustainable person I say I am or want to be.  Cue –> In the Know, an online boutique that exclusively carries environmentally and socially conscious, fashion forward pieces. Their goal is to make women feel in vogue while wearing sustainable clothing. They make leading a sustainable lifestyle easy. In the Know provides environmentally and socially friendly, chic clothing and accessories.  I fell in love with their Izola candles, made in the USA with renewable resources and last up to 60 hours of burning time!  My favorite scents are Magnolia and Jasmine, although I’ve stalked up on almost every scent – they are that damn good.

Fact – “In the Know works exclusively with designers who manufacture their collections in places where artisans earn fair wages and operate under healthy, comfortable working conditions. In addition, we research the fabrics that are used to make each of the garments we carry. The designers use the highest-quality, environmentally friendly textiles and employ low-waste techniques. Most of our clothing is made from fabrics that are recycled, organic cotton, or alpaca wool”. – In The Know

Dress – The Harley Dress by Helfrich LA. Shop here

Candles -Izola. Shop here

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Hacking life. That is what we are all trying to do in a way. My girlfriends and I are smart, busy women that need and do get things done. I find myself running around this city; sprinting from meetings, to workouts to cocktails. The ladies over at ADAY get my 24-hour schedule. They designed a great line of technical clothing for everyday life that moves with you. The product is chic, moves well, is durable and is my new go to for my active life.

It’s 8:30 AM and I am gulping down and cup of coffee and inhaling a granola bar while pulling on my new ADAY threads.  I appreciate how comfortable they feel when I sprint out the door for a 9:30 AM Soul Cycle Class knowing that I am about to face the onslaught of morning Soho foot traffic (playing Mario Cart comes to mind).

I’ve made it.  I am now sitting, or should I say mounting my bike in the dark, candle lit room that is already uncomfortably hot about to get man handled by a bike.  One of my favorite instructors is teaching, his name is Sam Y. Five minutes into class and I am already dripping sweat.  I accept I’m about to get my ass handed to me instead of fighting it and push on with determination.  I get weird in my Soul Cycle classes, just like I do at my candlelit Y7 Yoga classes.  There is something about the dark, candlelit room, the loud music, the intensity that gets me.  Some may call it preachy, church like, a money scam but it works for me.  At some point during the class I experience a total emotional release, which still weirds me out.  But hey if I can find meditation and release through my workout classes, great.  I don’t know what liquids drip down my face, whether sweat or tears.  It all mixes into one sweaty hot mess and I find myself smiling. My mind focused and quiet yet determined among all the chaos.

Forty-Five minutes later I am walking out the door just absurdly sweaty, giving zero fucks at anyone who looks at me with disapproval as I walk through Soho stripped down to my sports bra and dripping sweat.  I feel elated. The earlier morning madness of rushing out the apartment door has melted away and now the day seems less daunting, more achievable.

Lately I’ve been trying to take time to work on manifesting, clearing negative or useless, non-serving thoughts and bring some form of meditation into my life. My mom is great at this ritual. She meditates and journals daily. Every morning she wakes up early and before venturing from home she meditates and then takes a hot bath. I, on the other hand, do not. In fact I’ve gotten so far away from a daily routine that my only habitual sense of normalcy is a general lack of daily consistency.

Many creatives and freelancers operate this way. Of course, there are things I try to accomplish each day to make me feel sane. Working out is an absolute for me and, in many ways, is my personal form of meditation. I actually catch myself in the middle of spin class or yoga reciting my manifestations “I am a working actor.” You don’t all need to know my personal manifestations, but you get the point. I love that my job allows me to live a lifestyle that is different and challenging every day. It keeps me on my toes, it keeps me engaged but it can also be exhausting.

As a freelancer, and my own boss, I am accountable for my own motivation. Naturally, this pressure can lead one to crave some routine in life. I’ve decided to start simple with small things I can do everyday to set a routine. Im going to start getting up at the same time everyday regardless if I have to be on set or have meetings. Im going to hold time and space for meditation. I am going to start practicing all these ideas I’ve read about and have come to understand.

I’ve been taking acting class at The Actors Green Room for just over two years now. Recently they started a holistic side for actors, offering yoga and workshops called The Create Series. During these Create sessions their is usually a guided meditation, followed by a lecture which actors participate in and some mental exercises. It is a safe place devoid of judgment and filled with compassionate community.

The industry I work in, can be really hard to find sustainability and support in. Often the stakes feel so high, it becomes very personal. Actors, deal with daily rejection and it can become a really abusive relationship. So you find ways to practice positive Psychology.

I’ve been reading a lot of Osho lately, he talks about how the more we try to control fear the more it actually controls us.  An interesting idea was discussed at last weeks Create workshop.  One concept that hit close to home is that often with relationships, whether it be with colleagues, a casting director, friends, family or lovers we tend to project our own fears into these people.  There is a huge difference between what is being said and what is being heard.  This type of communication can mean that we’re never actually in communication with anybody.  Instead we are all just talking through our own personal filters.  This probably makes zero sense and I may be rambling and am certainly not talking about this as eloquently as Natalie Roy one of the Create leaders was but this is important stuff and it has me thinking.

I am a pretty honest person, I am direct.  I don’t believe in telling my girlfriend she looks good in a dress when she asks my opinion if its isn’t actually a good look on her.  I don’t believe in asking a question if you aren’t ready for an honest answer rather than the answer you want to hear. You better damn well be prepared for the answer you don’t want.  Ouch… or why the fell are you asking the question in the first place?  There is fine line though, between being polite versus honest and an asshole.  I am working on it.  We can all work on it.

People tend to misinterpret direct energy, we often don’t know what to do with it.  New Yorkers tend to handle directness better but they also cross that line into just being a dick a lot more often as well.  I think at one point or another we all have to learn that being direct has nothing to do with you, it’s just simply a +B = C.  That, is simply the fastest way to C.  I don’t have a problem using directness and honesty, I know my intentions are pure and that is what truly matters.  I will always love and appreciate the people that can be honest with me.

Life is messy.  Perfect is boring. As an actor we get to explore all of this messiness and it can get fucking weird and surreal but paradoxically oh so humane too.  One of the reasons I love it.  The vulnerability, the messiness, the imperfect moments, the living and learning. It is the stuff that makes us interesting. It is what makes us light up and turn on.  Out little passions that grow when like minded people believe in us and fuel us. Characters in scripts are usually written messy and always in conflict, because that is what makes it interesting to watch and relate to.  That is what makes us human and humane.  We all have shades and layers. We aren’t ever just one thing. I can’t remember who said it during the Create session, if it was Natalie the teacher or another student or a quote read from a book but someone at some point said “listening means being changed by the other person” and yet so often we aren’t. We, as a society have become such inactive listeners.  That quote really resonated within me, being present in the moment.  Loving the exploration of the interaction.

I don’t really know what I am trying to impart on you here.  This may just be one of the posts where I ramble about a personal journey or whatever you want to call it.  What I can share is the importance of being honest, accepting honesty, even if it isn’t what you wanted or hope to hear. Being present with right now, actively listen, ask questions and be ready and open to the exchange and if you don’t like or understand what the information is that is being offered, try not to be afraid, ask more questions.  When you can do this and accept life’s messiness and offerings, when you can yield and shift in the storm you will be dancing in the storm.  You will be dancing with yourself instead of trying to always stand rigid and strong.  That is when you will be knocked down by the storm.

Wearing: Strike it up bra + Breaks On Leggings | Shop all ADAY here | Shoes: Cole Haan Grand Pro Tennis Sneaker | Backpack: Laudi Vidni


I’ve always been into health & wellness. I pay attention to what I eat, believe in eating clean, organic and healthy but also treating yourself every once in a while and not obsessing over diets.  I believe in feeling strong, healthy, and working for the body you want.  As an actor, workouts have been the meditation that keep me grounded and healthy – both mentally and physically.  I am a health junkie in many ways and I really enjoy intense workouts that push me. Soul Cycle, hot yoga, Barry’s Bootcamp – you name it.  That being said, juggling auditions, blog posts, modeling and life in general sometimes makes it hard to stick to a consistent workout regime.  Every little tip and trick helps, whether it be finding that perfect granola bar to take on the go, the new power hour workout or using the new Slendertone Connect Abs belt, pictured here.  Now, I know what you are thinking, “does this shit actually work?”  Those were my exact thoughts when I heard about this too good to be true miracle product.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the infomercials and ads in health magazines. And let’s be honest – we have all, at the very least, even if just for a second, thought about trying them out. I was skeptical to say the least. However, given my busy schedule and motivation to get my summer bod ready I gave into curiosity and said, well why the hell not?

Many giggles and jokes later I had wrapped the  belt around my core, post workout and cup of tea in hand and settled in for my first Slendertone Connect experience.  The toning belt is meant to actively engage and tone core muscles through clinically proven Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology.  Let me tell you, my abs were definitely being actively engaged!  You could actually see the muscles tightening as if I were doing a crunch. Sans the effort it takes to complete a “traditional” crunch. The involuntary muscle stimulation first caused me to burst out laughing as I had no control over what my abs were doing. A few minutes of laughing was quickly followed by the thought, my god this is actually making my abs sore.  I was sore the next day. And the following day.  Curiosity was replaced by awe and excitement that hey, maybe this actually might be a great add on to my existing workouts.  I knew there had to be some benefits because this is the exact technology that was used during my physical therapy sessions to help repair and build muscle. But now I can confirm it produces results!

I used Slendertone every day for a week and can say 100% my abs were sore.  I found using the product before or after my workouts gave me the best results.  Utilizing as a warmup for my core or an extension from my workout to firm and strengthen core muscles.  My favorite morning ritual is to wake up, make a smoothie and head out for a sweat session.  Either before or after I’ll strap on the Slendertone for an extra toning session.  It’s super easy to use with the Slendertone app that tracks your progress and use.  All laughs and jokes aside, and trust me there were plenty, I will be continuing the use of Slendertone and am excited to see longer term results.  It super lightweight and easy to take on the road.  And to put it simply, this shit just actually works.

Slendertone Connect abs: #NewYearNewAbs

I recently read an interesting article in which Scott Barry, the author of Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind stated “Creative people have messy minds, meaning that they tend to mix and match a lot of different, seemingly incompatible traits- mindfulness and daydreaming, seriousness and play, solitude and collaboration.  Rather than inhibit their abilities, these dualities enable them to be more creative”.  Well boom, those words instantly hit home, deeply resonating within me.  If only there had been a book like this or an author with these words I could of shown to my parents back in high school during therapy sessions.  Or in collage when I continuously changed my degree and career path until I ultimately found my creative outlet.  I don’t know, there probably was such a book or such a person but now, especially in my generation creativeness and choosing a creative life is wildly more accepted, understood and praised.  I feel confident enough in myself now to say, yes I have a messy mind.  and oh I do, an incredibly messy mind but a wonderful, chaotic and brilliant one. It has been my experience that creatives tend to be very passionate and serious about their goals, they have to be.  Almost more so than a ‘traditional’ path because its trial and error.  There isn’t necessarily a set formula, you have to be open to trial and error and not scared to fail but rather proud to say, well I tried.  Due to the nature of this, one tends to find a playfulness, a youthfulness in creatives, not just with life but in the workplace as well.

We are constantly trying to derive meaning from our experiences, especially as an actor I find myself in particular constantly challenging myself, others and my own world view.  Scott Barry hits so many key points on this.  Expression makes us unique.  You might wonder where I am going with all of this, and to be honest I don’t exactly know.  So often that is the case when I sit down to write a blog post.  I sat down this morning thinking ok, its been a while I need to write.  I have some great new outfit shots but I’m not feeling like writing about just fashion, talking with my friend Dylana for some inspiration she asked me, “well what are you thinking about lately?”  I laughed and responded, dating, acting and roommates.  Typical. That got me thinking though, everything I’ve talked about so far relates to my acting, finding a new roommate and in a way dating.  More than once I’ve found myself pondering if being a creative has an effect on the kind of men I attract or don’t attract and the opposite side of who I am attracted to.  I have definitely dated a wide variety of men, everything from type A lawyers to artistic renegades.  I find the idea of dating someone with a steady lifestyle appealing because it is so vastly different from my day to day chaos of never knowing what the next day will hold.  One week I can be working every day, hustling, auditioning, shooting and the next week can be completely dead.  That being said I tend to meet more creatives since it’s who I am around most of the time.  My girlfriends like to say ‘date a normal guy’ a ‘boring’ guy.  What they mean is someone with stability.  They don’t mean normal or boring in a negative connotation rather they are heeding warnings against the models, photographers, and actors.  The narcissists so to say or the messy minds.  Which I may remind you includes myself, messy mind and all.  Which leaves me questioning what it is I want in a partner. Do I want stability? Or do I need someone that can understand and match my craziness. Whatever the case may be I am going to embrace my messy mind and see where it takes me.

Outfit: Palm Springs Dress – Style Stalker  , Cohen Pants – Aritzia ,  Bag – Chanel ,   Shoes – Dolce & Gabbana

I’m a creature of comfort. Which perfectly lends to my minimalistic style. That is not to say I don’t feel equally comfortable wearing a ball gown on any given day, but more often than not you can catch me stealing articles of clothing from my younger brother.  Oversized T-shirts, sweaters – I can’t get away with much anymore, as he does an inventory of his closet every time I visit.  I was seeing a guy earlier this year who happened to be a pretty lean fella. He was a male model which made him easy to look at, and I could fit into everything of his. Well for the most part.  I think my bum may have been a bit bigger.  Actually, I am completely certain it was. I remember one particularly lazy and indulgent weekend I ended up staying over at his place for a ridiculous four days.  At least I think it was four – it may have been more.  I did NOT plan on this, but it was pretty entertaining to watch how my outfits evolved over the weekend.  “Borrowed from the boys” took on a whole new, very literal meaning.  It was one of those vampire type weekends that can happen only too easily in NYC.  You probably know it well – sleep until the afternoon, wake up to realize most of your favorite spots are no longer serving brunch and instead move straight into happy hour.  This was one of my pretend-you’re-still-in college weekends.  Some nights we didn’t even make it out but proceed to have movie marathons. The laziest and most wonderful of evenings. Truly, there is something about the whole casual chic, “borrowed from the boys” look that I think NYC does really well. Even men’s furnishings are in style right now. I especially like the thin neck tie trend.  Sometimes though I just feel like its choking me, as seen here it was one of those days so I opt to wear it open just draped across my neck. Trending minus choking hazard.