Custom Made + Backpacks are Back …In

This post is long overdue.  Due to several computer shit storms of malfunctioning I am way behind on blog posts.  My apologies.  However, ladies and gents we are back up and running!  A while back a company called Laudi Vidni and I did a collaboration.  I am excited to finally share the experience with you and the beautiful outcome. Laudi Vidni makes timeless handbags, each one custom designed by you.  With over 26 styles, leathers, hardware and lining details the possibilities are almost daunting.  The company is based in Chicago, where you can go visit their showroom and see all the different bag styles before embarking on your design journey.  Being based in NYC I sadly did not have the opportunity to visit the showroom. Instead a magical little box full of leather swatches appeared at my door and the promise that the Laudi ladies would not let me design an ugly bag.  The leathers are stunning and unique, you can tell the quality is high from first sight and touch. The first step to the design process in choosing a style, there are several different types of bags available from cross body styles to large cary your life in totes.  I decided on the Opera Backpack, that part was easy mainly due to my love of the whole chic backpack trend that is also incredibly practical.  Probably the most practical fashion trend to come around in a while and my god am I thankful that such a utilitarian object, the backpack once reserved to be hauled off to school and nothing else is now available in so many beautiful designs.  I mean where were all these chic leather backpacks when I was in school? My memories of Jansport backpacks will forever haunt me.  No, the Opera Backpack is far from your high school or collage backpack days, it is elegant and refined and the perfect size.  Basically backpacks are a lot more fun without the school component.  At some point during high school I ditched the backpack for various purses and balancing piles of books in my arms because that was cooler, and more grown up right?  Silly, silly high school.  Well, I am back to the backpack.  The Opera Backpack.  It’s actually pretty and practical, a rarity these days and a concept I’m not mad at.  My eyes have been un veiled to the beauty of the backpack, it’s minimalistic, it has even weight distribution, it actually fits all my shit.  What’s not to love? I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this one into the ground and is only the first of many new backpacks.

Now getting back to the lovely ladies that enabled my love affair with the backpack to become hot with passion once again.  I had always wanted to design something within the realm of fashion, often catching myself saying phrases like well I love this design but if only this one bit were this color or that shape.  This experience allowed me to do just that.  I got to explore my individuality and try my hand at designing a bag, I’m happy to say I’m pretty damn pleased with myself.  Now, lets not get too big headed.  It’s more like interior design vs architecture…I didn’t actually design the back but rather mixed and matched swatches and hardware but it still gave me a sense of ownership and uniqueness.  Sure someone might decide on the exact same leather combination and then I would be flattered that someone had, in my opinion, the same genius creative ideas that I did to come up with such a beautiful backpack. Individuality, uniqueness, it’s all a good message and one that Laudi Vidni is doing well.  After all Laudi Vidni is INDIVIDUAL spelled backwards.

I decided to go with a chic, mostly timeless color scheme of all black luxurious leather for the body of the bag, tassels and straps.  I went with a dark hunter green for the handle and a more contemporary textured leather for the statement flap.  I’ve already trekked this backpack all over France, NYC and every other weekend adventure I’ve been on this summer yet it looks brand new.  I also just feel special knowing I helped create this, that is a representation of my unique taste and style and that there probably isn’t an exactly identical one anywhere else in the world.

Shop here: Laudi Vidni 


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