Getaway and Find something New

Spring time in LA doesn’t mean that much for LA natives, for this NYC habitant though it means sun on my face and hunting for pools – not that hard in LA! It means driving up the PCH with friends, music blasting and wind in my hair to get to that secret ocean cove. I’m a huge fan of weekend getaways, or even just a spontaneous escape from the city for a day to go seek new adventure. Usually these little escapes involve the beach, surfing, a pool, nature, somewhere… ANYWHERE away from all the hustle… where no one can find me. My own little mission for a top secret adventure.  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been spending the last month in LA. It’s a city of driving and traffic but also of sunshine, water and endless wandering! I love driving, but not sitting in traffic – which is a special kind of torture. However, it makes a world of difference and comfort when you are in a luxury, cutting – edge, super techie vehicle! You can obviously imagine my excitement when Audi asked me to test drive their new 2018 Q5 SUV. Weekend Warrior status, here I come!

The Audi Q5 redefines how an SUV looks and more importantly… how it feels! Ooh la la! It’s like a James Bond watch – sexy on the outside, but filled with so much more than your expect on the inside. It looks like a sexxxy sports car, but once inside it SURPRISES with ample room for ALL of the extreme adventures in my life. Want to dive for hidden treasure? This car can hold all of your scuba gear and film equipment to document the mission. Everything about driving this vehicle felt luxurious, from it’s sleek exterior & interior to the top of the line tech meets edge-of-your seat performance. Let’s just say on day one I knew it would be hard to return on day 4.  Still hoping Audi will just surprise me with a longer or permanent loan – one can dream.

I like fast cars.  I always have.  I think in an alternate universe or a previous life I was a race car driver.  With an engine that can take you from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds the Audi Q5 leaves everyone else in my dust.  Perfect for beating that traffic out to catch the best waves, before the crowds! Don’t worry Audi – I stuck to the speed limit. One of my favorite features is the massive sunroof providing panoramic views, it almost feels like a convertible – well almost. The Audi Q5 is equipped with a virtual cockpit that lets the driver customize all information from navigation to audio, allowing for total environmental control. Having total control is so hot. It is crazy to me how smart, and tech savvy cars have become. I live in NYC most of the year so I haven’t owned a car in over 4 years – the driver assistance technologies help alert the driver to any shifts the road might have in their way – from other vehicles to traffic and more, the car practically drives itself!

Partner: Audi #AudiQ5 #AudiPartner

Photo Credit: Ryan Chaan



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