Spring Detox with SkinnyMint

Coming into Spring means closet swapping, spring cleaning, sun shining and bikini bod preppin… Shedding winter layers in more ways than one.  I’m always game to try a new detox if it’s safe and natural, we all need a little extra help after all!  When I heard about this tea and saw it popping up all over my IG and Facebook with pretty girls holding the packs, SkinnyMint to be exact, I thought “Greeeat, just another cliche Insta “DETOX” Tea – Aka. a laxative.Well of course if I poop for a whole day I’ll feel lighter too , YOU WONT FOOL ME, TEA! But then I actually looked at it, and that’s not this tea AT ALL. *Thank you, Goddesses from above*. I know
there are foods from Mother Earth that are known to speed up your metabolism naturally, so why wouldn’t a drink with Herbs and Flowers straight from Gaya, be able to help as well?!

I decided to give it a go and hoped that the 28 day SkinnyMint Teatox would help reveal my bikini bod that was in hibernation.  So, what the hell is this teatox program you ask?!  It’s an expertly formulated HERBAL blend that is to help you kickstart a healthy lifestyle and it is done in two easy steps, the Morning Boost tea and the Night Cleanse tea (normal poops, i promise). The Morning Boost is designed to give you a boost throughout the day, with the help of ingredients like green tea, yerba mate, guarana, nettles, and dandelion.  The Night Cleanse is designed to naturally cleanse the body. Helping to reduce bloating, ease digestion and help you sleep better due to the natural properties in their ingredients such as Lemon grass, peppermint, ginger root , peppermint, ginger root, orange leaves, licorice root, senna, and hawthorn berries. Au Natural, baby! It’s like drinking lemon water RIGHT when you wake up, or a shot of apple cider vinegar – it simply and naturally wakes up your metabolism, but with so much more…

The morning boost was surprisingly energising and helped me curb my morning coffee addiction.  It kept me powered through the day and throughout my heavy workouts. I’ve always had digestions problems.  Ew. I know.  But so have you! Yes, I’m a psychic. I was thrilled that the Night Cleanse naturally detoxed my body and helped me get clearer complexions.

After 28 days I was drinking less coffee – had a brighter smile due to less stains, better digestion, more energy and I do believe my stomach felt flatter and generally less bloated.  I don’t weigh myself as I generally think that can be a little detrimental to mental health.  I gage my body goals by how I feel, look, and fit into my clothing.  Drinking SkinnyMint made me feel more confident and less heavy,and as with any cleanse in order to get the best results, it should be paired with a healthy diet and a workout plan. No cleanse is going to miraculously give you a stunning body without hard work – and by work I mean workouts and a balanced diet.

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