The After Party

We’ve all been there, coming home from the party or the after party. It’s 3 am…your ears are still ringing, your body exhausted from dancing the night away and as you kick off your heels to some corner and fling yourself onto bed makeup still on and pass out with a fading thought of I should really wash my face.

In comes Frank. As in Frank Bod- the self-coined “dirtiest brand on the internet” sounds good to me. An all-in-one face set to wash away the party sins and revive your skin when you need it most, meet the Sweet Cheeks Kit ($49.95) – think of it as a ménage à trois for your face with three gentle, yet effective products – add on the five minute Glow Mask and your face will go from hangover to hot in no time.

Here’s how to recover from a night out:

STEP 1: Something Dirty (Creamy Face Cleanser)
According to Frank, you always have to get dirty to get clean. frank body’s Creamy Face Cleanser is made from charcoal to detoxify your skin. Wash away the night’s makeup, grease and grime, dirt and impurities, naturally.

STEP 2: Something Caffeinated (Creamy Face Scrub)
Like a double shot of coffee for your skin, look more awake with frank body’s Creamy Face Scrub. A fine grind trof coffee beans coupled with powerful coffee seed oil buffs away dead skin to give you fresh, rosy cheeks. Trust us, it’ll rub you the right way.

STEP 3: Something Hydrating (Glow Mask)
Nothing zaps a hangover faster than some H20. frank body’s hydrating, five-minute Glow Mask will drench your face in moisture and provided much-needed antioxidants like Vitamins A and E.

STEP 4: Something to Fake It (Everyday Face Moisturizer)
With even the best of men, sometimes you just gotta fake it. Apply some of frank body’s Everyday Face Moisturizer to seal the deal and fake that elusive glow. It slips on easily thanks to coconut, grapeseed and sweet almond oils, while Vitamins A, E, and D pack a one-two-punch of antioxidants.

So put down those harsh makeup wipes, babe and take it all off at 3am au naturel with Frank. It’s time for the frank body After Party and you’re invited.

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